La Recolte

I could not get enough of pears. However they are, whatever they’re in, I’m theirs and they’re mine. I often, to my partner’s chagrin put them in any salad I can – they play a wonderful second fiddle to prosciutto, Camembert, rocket and roasted flaked almonds, for the record.

So when, in my casual browse through the cocktail recipe suggestions on the St Germain (Elderflower Liqueur harvested by Frenchman on bikes) website previously that introduced the gorgeous, leggy Bohemian, I found La Recolte featuring La Poire (their suggestion Grey Goose specifically) it was as if I had chanced upon a cache of ambrosia.

Funnily enough, I had picked up a bottle of Grey Goose La Poire in Ko Samui, Thailand on our recent trip for quite a steal – such a steal as I had been sipping on this muddled with lime, soda and brown sugar – and I was enthralled.

On our arrival home, I was equally enthralled and amused by the amazing price tag and lack of availability for the Goose La Poire locally by comparison to Thailand prices (oh my!). Finally finding a bottle and gleefully mixing up a batch, barely seconds in the door, I found La Recolte decidedly “meh”, while still somehow going some way to satisfying my inner-pear-fiend. I attempted with some Absolut Pears with similar results and finally chanced upon a bottle of Bertrand’s Poire Williams  (politely reaching around their eau-de-vie to grab their liqueur) and La Recolte became  a fast and dearest friend.

Le plan

Le plan

There’s something about the brandy-based Betrand’s that makes a more-fabulous bed fellow with the pear than the Grey Goose La Poire. I hope vodka doesn’t mind my leaving it’s bed cold. I’m sure I’ll find plenty a use in other concoctions (and suggestions in the comments are very welcome.)

The recipe on the St Germain site calls for parts, not ounces and that it be topped up with the Brut Champagne or Dry White Sparkling. Being an eternal glutton, I found no room for the sparkling in my glass, however, as a ‘chaser’ I found it an elegant sufficiency, a sip here a sip there. So chic.

La Recolte

La Recolte

The elderflower adds a beautiful air, and the lemon just cuts through what could be a jammy flavour. The Bertrand’s is simply amazing (I can’t help but opening the bottle to breath in the late summer sun.)

Oh Bertrand, oh St Germain where have you been all my life?

Oh Bertrand, oh St Germain where have you been all my life?

I perhaps need to reconsider my tastes according to the time of year, La Recolte very much does conjour the sunset of a rich summer and the slow bronzing of the leaves. I, for one, could drink this any and every day of the year!

Oh yes.

Oh yes.


3 thoughts on “La Recolte

  1. Darn you. You’ve sold me this cocktail recipe. What pear liqueur do you use? St. Germain is a great choice by the way. The only Pear liqueur i’ve tried is a Brentzen Pear schnapps, it was great, but hard to come by 😦

    • It’s a beauty! I used Bertrand’s Pear Liqueur which I found at a local specialty store – Brentzen would work as a fine substitute here! Yes – pear is not easy to find in non-vodka form here either.

      I’m a big fan of St. Germain – from not knowing about it to going through my third bottle in as many months. Thanks for the comment.

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