Cucumber Cosmopolitan

I tried in vain to get the recipe for the amazing Cucumber Cosmopolitan I had at Siam@Siam, and since my return to a bitter and wet Melbourne winter have tried to recreate the bliss of sipping this potion on the “porch” of our hotel in the Bangkok heat.

Siam @ Siam's porch-grade Cucumber Cosmo

Siam @ Siam’s porch-friendly Cucumber Cosmo

I’ve seem numerous recipes online that call for Hendrick’s gin , with the particular cucumber ambiance it brings, but I’m confident Siam@Siam served a vodka and Cointreau base. I did write asking the recipe, but didn’t get a response, but all is forgiven as I’ve had a great time trying to recreate it myself.  I’m a recent fan of Hendricks in specific, thanks to greatly appreciated, vehement referral from a friend which included a G&T thrust into my hand – so will try the Great Bay recipe by the same name at the next opportunity.

The plan - Cucumber Cosmopolitan

The plan

Redolent of the lime and richness of Cointreau of a classic Cosmopolitan, the cucumber stars with this drink – this could be intensified by infusing the vodka in advance, but we’re too far from summer from that for me to have tried this. It’s sweet and a mouth of melon, and I felt needed the salt. I blended the cucumber in advance to ensure maximum saturation in the drink. Recipes online call for cucumber water and muddled sliced cucumber. I just pulverised the poor things and added them to the shaker.

This cocktail is cucumber sandwiches on the croquet lawn. I wouldn’t quite ask the gin and tonic to move over just yet, but we are talking an elegant drink that just works.

Cucumber Cosmopolitan

I really love that chocolate and lime knobbly cushion, so had to put it in the shot

I love the Maldon salt flake garnish to really cement what it is we’re drinking here – it’s melon, but it’s for salads. I opted for a quarter glass only because it needs only 1/4 of a pinch in the shaker to tie it all together.

Maldon salt encrusted glass just tops it off

the Maldon salt crust just tops it off

It’s the closest to what I can recall from Siam @ Siam and wonderful enough to drink at it is. The colour itself is impressive, no colourants are added at all, it’s all cucumber skin alone, baby.

Obligatory bottle shot

Obligatory bottle shot featuring my second favourite knobbly cushion again. What a scene stealer!



8 thoughts on “Cucumber Cosmopolitan

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    • Good luck! Hope she let’s the name stand. If not perhaps the Hendricks edition might win the vote.
      Yes I fear the knobbly cushion has been banned from all futre photo shoots and banished to the den.

  2. Cosmopolitans are great drinks, and the flavour variations can be as varied as the martini’s … Although i think this (and other variations i’ve tried) proves cosmo variations are much better! Love this recipe =D

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