Pear Sangria

By using sangria in the name for this drink, I mean only that “I put some wine and fruit in a jug and served it to thankful people.” I’m sure that’s so very far from the literal translation, but it is surely a figurative tradition based definition for sangria; I can just imagine now fragrant vibrant jugs brought to nibble-laden tables around the world with cups at the ready.

Take advantage of the little sun you can get!

Taking advantage of whatever little sun we can get!

I’ve been a little at a loss for new cocktails to try on here (any suggestions are very, very welcome) but truth be told, between recently having bought a house, preparing and packing for this,  some demanding pressures at work and everything else that is just “life” I’ve not found the time to research or think of new drinks. That said I do still appreciate a tipple now and then, particularly after a taxing day where I can make myself a “double” – and having quite a few pretty bottles around, I do try different things.

I still can’t get enough pear. I was looking around for recipes to use the pear vodka I bought as an early attempt at La Recolte, this is how I found I’ve been sipping it while I look; in a tall glass with pear nectar and some elderflower.

The Plan

The Plan

Perhaps this lazy afternoon sipper is a product of a lazy afternoon for me – I had the elderflower cordial at hand from an earlier attempt at Stormy Morning when I feared I couldn’t get St Germain readily (I was gratefully wrong.) I’d readily slip in some St Germain to a reconsidered, more muddled, frizzy concoction inspired by this, but I reiterate, this is just made for sunny afternoons. Quite “spring”, actually – whispers of sunnier days to come.

Don't know about you, but those fizz bubbles make my mouth water!

Don’t know about you, but those fizz bubbles clinging to the glass make my mouth water!

I love how fragrant and floral ripe pears can be, and also having some spare thyme at hand I started putting that in after seeing it to be not an uncommon addition to in casual ‘shabby chic’ cocktails of late which makes this smell as wonderful as it tastes, with a complex bouquet  of fruit, floral notes and fresh green sweet and savoury at once herbs.

Thyme, because... why not?

Thyme, because… why not?

I’m sure there’s more I could talk to about this – but I’ve just got to get back to my lazy afternoon!

Shh didn't include the pear juice / nectar because I could only get canned. Don't tell!

Shhh. I didn’t include the pear juice / nectar in the picture because I could only get canned. Don’t tell!


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