Raspberry and Basil Margarita

We recently had family over on a lazy Sunday for some drinks and over-complicated board games. What a perfect occasion to try out some frozen margarita recipes I’ve had ear-marked here and there!

The intent for many of these, was to capture some of the flavours I have either seen around and about on the ‘blogosphere’ that I’ve always wanted to try, or that I’ve encountered here and there over the year. It also helped that I recently found some beautiful Krosno margarita glasses on special that have been begging from the cupboard for a test-drive.

The first cab of the rank; Raspberry and Basil!

The Plan


Some friends I’ve discussed this flavour combination say “basil?!” in a way that is akin to a shrill scene from Fawlty Towers (you know who you are), and yes, yes you need to take a moment to think what it would be like.

Let me let you in on a secret. Not only are fresh raspberries and basil the best of bed-fellows, but they’ve been having a love-affair behind your back all these years!

Blended until delicious

Blended until delicious

A classic, simple dessert recipe I have handy for moments when I have limited time or inspiration is to grab a bakery/store-made simple lemon or “French” cheesecake – this, when cut into bite sized cubes and topped with some quickly food processor blitzed frozen raspberries (only so the indiviudal berries are separated into little icy baubles) and sprinkled with finely sliced basil (I use a mezza-luna) makes for an instant, and crowd-winning dessert plate.

And so into the margarita they go! I could have got a bit prissier with my liquor choices and swapped out the triple sec, but I wanted the cutting vitamin C orange here. I tried a few different liqueurs with the other margarita later.

The fresh berry puree I made captured the sweet spikiness of the berries, and there is just enough basil leaves to whisper through. My mouth is watering.

Raspberry&Basil 2

Look at that mouth watering glisten

And as for the board games, while the margaritas didn’t help the games seem less complicated, they certainly helped smooth things over whenever there was a dispute about the rules. Viva the lazy Sunday!


I can’t remember who won. I think it was the margarita.


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