Dark ‘N Stormy

Well it’s been quite a while between drinks, indeed!

Around a month ago we settled on our new house, and with the whirlwind of moving, living without internet, unpacking, cleaning, gardening and more cleaning it’s nearly Christmas!

A high priority on the to do list was to brew my own ginger beer using a family recipe – an idea and a ginger beer plant alas scuttled by some unseasonably cold and damp weather. On a call to my mother to ask for tips she promptly corrected me that she moved to a new recipe several years ago – this one from A Year in a Bottle – Sally Wise  which uses dry yeast as a starter (our family recipe gets the fermentation from a handful of sultanas.) It has far less sediment than our original recipe, but still carries the volatility that makes one want to wear a hazmat suit when carrying to and from the shed.

And just over two weeks later, a particularly un-dark ‘n stormy Saturday afternoon begged for a quick cocktail when my parents visited for the day – and voila – the Dark And Stormy came to visit too.

Dark 'N Stormy

Dark ‘N Stormy

My partner loves these, and this is one of his drinks of choice when out and about, in circulation with a small (but growing) collection. He likes a stronger lime flavour and weaker rum flavour, thus using a whole lime – I muddled a whole lime, quartered and then cut in half again with the rum for this.

Dark ‘N Stormy Recipe

  • 30mls (1 oz) dark rum
  • 1 lime, quartered
  • ginger beer to top

The lip-tingling zing of the ginger beer, rougher and beerier for being home made, is brilliantly complimented by the additional lime here.

Speaking of – perhaps in a few years these shall be even more home-made with this little friend, who I can forsee having a very close relationship ship.

Introducing Lilah; the Lime Tree, a new family addition.

Introducing Lilah; the Lime Tree, a new family addition.

You can see a bigger-sister lemon tree in the background – exciting! I’m not sure how I’ll go with growing ginger here in Melbourne, but happy to give it a go – not sure about the sugar cane for rum though (or perhaps the legality of distilling my own)… there’s always hope!





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