Blood & Bitter Martini

We are currently holidaying in Bali! The steamy air, beach sounds and lazy / easy access to cocktails has been what has reinvigorated my want to blog on cocktails – particularly after a busy year so far.

Very near to where we are staying is The Junction – a fantastic looking restaurant /  bar bedecked in white washed-wood planks and situated on the busy corner of Seminyak square and it was here that I found the first cocktail I’m really looking forward to recreating back home.

Due to my love of blood oranges, I chose out the Blood & Bitter Martini. The menu lists vodka, campari, blood orange syrup and lime juice. I’ll definitely re-edit once I find the perfect quantities as served!



Absolutely delicious. Complicated with the deep, ‘aged’ citrus of the campari and the play of the blood orange with enough vodka  to give it body. The colour from both the campari and the orange had the drink a positively glowing ruby.

The drink is particularly reminiscent of Seville Orange marmalade, and I know several people back home who will relish this one with gusto.


Glowing from within

The drink has reminded me that I failed to snap up any blood oranges I encountered in season to juice and freeze for cocktail use all year (sad face), but has reaffirmed the smart choice of planting a blood orange tree in the back-yard – so if I’m waiting it will only be until the next season.


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